Axilir Pty Ltd is a full service South African mobile business transformation company as well as a distributor of applications technology. From interactive and progressive websites and mobile applications we can deliver enterprise processes from their rigid, inefficient and paper driven environments on to highly efficient, cost effective and digital iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

At Axilir, we spend our time and energy making our customers’ work lives better. And because we make people’s jobs easier, we make their lives easier. From the day-to-day tasks to the most sophisticated business-critical processes, we make people more productive and increase efficiency. Our goal is to help our customers do more of what they do best.

Our focus is to build software and cloud-based solutions that provide powerful, yet easy-to-use, advance capabilities while automating a wide range of processes. We believe in the power of people—individually and together. We believe getting work done means connecting a person to the systems, data, apps and services he or she uses. But more importantly, it’s about connecting people to each other.

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